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My name is Frederic Fok. I am an Engineer and I also hold a Master of Research (INSA, Toulouse), specialialized in Architecture, Systems, Networks and Telecommunications. I welcome you to my site.

"Ishi No Ue Ni Mo San Nen"

Recent work

I am currently working at ZTE, an International Telecommunication Company. I currently lead product & project activities related to "Machine-to-Machine" (energy managment, smart home, connected car), as well as mobile payment. More specifically I am interested in the strategic definition of new products that will enable to provide an augmented end user experience. This way, we are targeting to foster smart & innovative communication systems in order to transform our life style while being respectful to the environment. We are in a fast growing information society; while the smartphone already proved its high capacity in changing the way the users get access to the social internet, there are still new form of communication objects that will enter into end users' life, or at least improving their experience. With my team in Paris, we are currently experimenting the "Internet of Things & People"

Professional Interests

In professional terms, I am interesting in new mobile-related technologies, network communication and web oriented technologies
I have a professional experience on mobile communications and technologies (GSM, UMTS, LTE, SAE, IMS, Mobile IP, MBMS, IP-TV, NFC).
Being passionately curious, I like to find all possibilities around any ideas. My desire is to lead professional projects, guide people towards innovative thinking, surrounded by motivated and hilghly qualified teams. Currently I am experimenting technologies like Node.js, html5, couchbase, ...

Personal Interests

In personal terms I am interesting in art and put it in practice: I like oil and acrylic painting, and more recently I became infatuated with photography. From now on I use to travel with my Nikon D90, ready to shot life moments.
I am also musicien and sometimes play the guitare and the piano. I am sensitive to jazz and electronic music.I also like travelling as well as discovering other cultures and customs. I think we learn a lot from others and that personnal enrichment comes from the sharing with people and by the opening of mind.
Finally, I became infatuated with Scuba diving and wish to bloom in this domain too.


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